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Living Large with Custom iPhone 6s Case with Wallet

Are you bored with a basic iPhone case. Plastic? Leather? Black? Brown? Boring?

Well, maybe it’s time to show your colors and put your case to work for you…carrying the things you need most.

Living Large With Custom iPhone 6S Case With Wallet at TechStudio

With jimmyCASE we can create you a custom iPhone 6 6S wallet case or a custom iPhone 6 6S Plus case with wallet. The regular phone or big one – no problem, we can customize them. You can pick bumper color, wood color and elastic fabric color and jimmyCASE will custom-make the case for you and ship out in just a few days.

Then, you will have a truly unique phone…a jimmyCASE custom-made for you in colors nobody else has. You can even order a bunch of jimmyCASE’s in a variety of colors, a different jimmyCASE for every day of the week.

Why custom?   Some people like to stand out a little with something unique and colorful, a personal statement.   Because each jimmyCASE is handmade after your order, you can be sure the jimmyCASE you receive is fresh and hasn’t been sitting around in a warehouse.

And…we offer free shipping for everyone. With our WORLDSHIP discount code, our customers around the world can take advantage of our fast and free international shipping.

And your custom iPhone 6 6S or 6 6S Plus case with practical as well as beautiful.   With jimmyCASE, you will be ready for everything. Shopping, work, dating, exercising, going to a movie..anywhere. You’ll know your most necessary cards will be with you, ready to go, always.   Some other things our customers carry in their cases? Cash, car keys, band-aids, house keys, car keys, ID’s insurance cards, to-do lists, credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, hotel keys, business cards, receipts, lipsticks, candy, gum, granola bars, string cheese, space-food sticks, mini-Snickers bars…everything that keeps them ready.

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