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jimmyCASE Wallet Case and iPhone 5c - A Match Made in Heaven

That iPhone 5c may be one of the best investments you've ever made, right? So why not go one better – make it one of the best accessories you carry, with jimmyCASE, the iPhone 5c wallet credit card case that adds another level of utility, strength and personality to your smartphone.

There's no need to bulk up your world with a wallet, when you've got jimmyCASE taking care of things for you. Without adding flaps that make calling a hassle, jimmyCASE creates an iPhone wallet with its trademark stretchy elastic sleeve. Your cash and credit cards (up to six) are safely secured and easily accessed. Or, put whatever you need in there: breath mints, keys, student I.D., a pad of those tiny little sticky notes, you get the idea… the things that make your life easier, but oftentimes, bulkier.

In other words, the jimmyCASE is your extra pocket, hand and caddy.

And who says function can't be fashionable? The jimmyCASE is handcrafted with strength and style. The durable mahogany core is military-spec wood, coated in polyurethane. The high-tech silicone surround adds grip and protection from sudden drops. And the elastic sleeve – the piece that really takes your phone to the next level of usefulness – is available in colors that make your cool-looking iPhone 5c even cooler.

Get the sleeve in elegant black or tweedy brown, or opt for flash with bold stripes in two-hue combinations, select school colors or the proud statement of the rainbow. See the options at

The jimmyCASE is changing the way people use (and value) their smartphones. Read excellent reviews from all over the world, including write-ups from British GQ, The Chive, Shopify, Macworld and (where you'll find a lot of 5-star reviews).

Get your jimmyCASE and up your game, with a no-risk 30-day guarantee and free shipping. Smartphones everywhere are getting smarter. Yours can, too.

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