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jimmyCASE - The Cure For the Slippery iPhone 6

I love my iPhone 6 plus so much. I love the large screen, great resolution, speed and power. I’m pretty sure I am addicted to it, as I feel anxious when it is not in my sight and I get a twinge of sadness when I plug it in to recharge at night. I run to my phone in the morning before I reach for my coffee. Can a phone bring real happiness? Yes.

There is only one major drawback. The slippery texture on a phone this large makes it prone to falls and makes it hard to use with one hand. I hate to cover up the beautiful design but I’d hate to see my lovely device damaged if it were to fall. A month ago I decided to get a case for protection I found one of the best iPhone wallet cases on the market.

There are thousands, if not millions of case options. I was looking for something that would not bulk up my phone, as the slim design is one of the attractions. I also don’t like the rubbery, plastic look of most cases.

I found jimmyCASEs while searching on Amazon. I noticed immediately that this look is very different and attractive. The design combines natural wood, and a colorful elastic pocket, while remaining slim in design. I checked through all of the reviews and learned that the cases have good grip even for phones as large as the iPhone 6 plus. I decided to try one, as there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

The jimmyCASE iPhone 6s Plus case with card holder delivered as promised. I have had my case for 3 weeks. It is a game changer. I no longer feel paranoid about dropping my phone, and I love the look more than any other case I have seen. I get a lot of comments about the cool and functional design, mostly when I take out my phone to pay for things. The elastic pocket holds credit cards and cash securely.

I love my phone even more now that I have a cool case that I actually like.

Can a phone case bring true happiness? Yes.

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