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jimmyCASE Ready for New iPhone SE Launch With Popular Wallet Case

New iPhone is coming out and jimmyCASE is ready.   The great form factor of the iPhone 5/5S will be continued with the SE and our super-popular 5-star-reviewed iPhone wallet case will fit the SE perfectly.

Many our our fans have been happy with the smaller form factor and haven’t wanted the larger screens of the latest models.

Now they can get all the power in the smaller phone size they love.

The iPhone SE wallet case by jimmyCASE will include all our great features. Handmade in California, Real Mahogany core, Patented stretchy elastic pocket holds up to 6 cards.   Plus cash or pocketable items like car keys or pocket knives.

Any transit cards (metro, metra, subway, bus) work great in this case. No need to pull out your wallet. Just tap the jimmyCASE with your transit card on the reader and away you go.

The case comes in twelve great colors. And you can order a custom case with just the bumper and wood core you like.

Think of all the things you can do with your cards strapped safely to the pack of your phone. You can shop, eat, exercise, travel, work, dance, party, with everything you need at your side. Business cards? Check! Credit Cards? Check!   ATM, Insurance Card, Work Pass? Check Check Check!

And the materials are real. The elastic is custom made for us. Stretches to hold up to six cards and cash safely. And snaps right back to hold one card tight.   The wood core is cut and etched at a cool laser shop in Hollywood.

Each case is made for you after you order it. Fresh!   Each case is made by skilled artisans, with love and care.

So you have an new iPhone SE? Get the best case – strong, stylish and super-practical.   Available now and ready for your new phone.

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