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jimmyCASE Has the Cure for CWS - Costanza Wallet Syndrome

Do you have a Costanza wallet? Don’t be embarrassed.   Before we launched jimmyCASE, our team suffered from Costanza Wallet Syndrome too.  Or as we call it – CWS.

Our wallets were thick and ugly and made our pockets stretch out in a most unsightly manner.   And our iPhones in the opposite pocket made our lives even worse. We were carrying just too much and sporting a Costanza-level of style.

So we started looking around. How could we solve this problem?   We saw lots of iPhone wallet cases in the market. But they were made out of plastic or leathers.   The leather cases stretched out like a leather wallet and looked pretty Costanza-ish. And the plastic wallet cases held only a couple of cards. We knew that 2 cards wouldn’t do it for us.   We couldn’t totally eliminate our Costanza-carrying-needs.

We found this cool webbing mill in Los Angeles that would custom-weave elastic for us that would stretch out to hold up to six cards, plus a little cash and maybe some little slips of paper with phone numbers, and maybe some receipts.

Maybe a little Constanza, but much better.   We made a case from some fabric and duct tape.   It looked like a mess, but we took it on a vacation in Maui and tried it out.   The Costanza wallet got tossed in a hotel drawer and out came the first jimmyCASE.   And it ROCKED!.   Hotel key, no problem! Drivers license, in there!   Credit card, ready to go! ATM card, available!   And even the rental car key, slipped in tight.

So..jimmyCASE solved our Costanza problem. And now it is available for you, but much slicker then the duct tape mess.   jimmyCASE features a genuine mahogany wood core – beautiful and super strong, and protective wraparound bumper.   We solved our Costanza Wallet Syndrome and can help you too. Try jimmyCASE with our 30-day no-risk guarantee. If after 30 days you miss your Costanza wallet and want it back, we will refund your purchase price.   See website for full details and restrictions.

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