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Is 1 jimmyCASE Enough?

Today I ordered a second jimmyCASE. That's right, a second one. Because if you've got more than one pair of shoes, more than one pair of pants, more than one purse or blouse, is 1 jimmyCASE iPhone wallet case enough? Get real. Style means variety.

It does for me, anyway. It started with the jimmyCASE my boyfriend bought me as a birthday present. I have this one pink-and-grey t-shirt that I love (that he loves, too), and he found me the most absolutely perfect wallet case to match – the one with pink and grey stripes on the elastic sleeve.

Yes, the colors caught his eye – he knew I'd like it – but neither of us expected a phone case to be as handy as this one. I had mine for about a week when my boyfriend decided to get one for himself, too. He got the tweedy brown.

There we were, happy to reorganize and simplify and declutter our lives with these space-saving, stylish iPhone wallet cases that were also super attractive, when it struck me: I want another one.

I love the pink-and-grey. But I also love the blue-and-gold. I have this one patent leather clutch in the same shade of gold, and… you get it, right? They look great together. So I got that one, too.

And then my boyfriend decided he needed one to take to college football games, because the one with the burgundy and gold sleeve looks matches his school colors. So he got that one, too.

Oh. We both got the black ones, too. There's something so stylish about basic black.

That's it. For now. Our jimmyCASEs are doing their job, each one as strong and protective and useful as the other, and it's up to us to choose which one we want to show off at any time.

But the orange-and-navy is so cute, too…

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