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iPhone 6s Fashion Cases

It is highly uncommon that one runs across an iPhone 6s case that is fashionable, effective in its protective abilities and that does not cost a near fortune. That is until now. Meet the JimmyCASE: a practical, protective and sophisticatedly trendy phone case that will not break the bank. JimmyCASE are handmade of the highest quality materials by the most skilled craftsmen right here in the USA. They are slim, sleek and trendy offering users a wide variety of fashionable color schemes to match the classic mahogany or basswood core of the iPhone 6s wallet case.


iPhone 6s Jimmy Case Specs 

The JimmyCASE offers custom iPhone 6s cases that are made to fit this model phone like a glove. The case itself is a bumper style phone case meaning that your iPhone 6s will fit tightly into the full-framed grasp of the rigid enclosure that will be its new home. Surrounding your iPhone 6s, for added durability and protection, will be a resistant silicone bumper. The bumper itself is customizable where the customer can choose from the classic black or the more delicate white, where the underside of the bumpers feature a matte finish and the upper a attractive sheen. The JimmyCASE core is classically made of real genuine mahogany, however, is also customizable where the customer can also choose the lighter more dainty basswood. Both of which add a sophisticated organic charm to the iPhone 6s case.

If you are looking for a fashionable multipurpose iPhone 6s case, then consider the Wallet Case by JimmyCASE which harmoniously fuses together the protective nature of a phone case with the functionality of a wallet. Resulting in a genius mashup of the two that simplifies the user’s life in an effective and efficient manner. This JimmyCASE is customizable also in the selection of the stretch sleeve elastic band color scheme, where JimmyCASE offers the most delightful array of fashionable options.

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