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iPhone 6s/6s Plus is Too Hard to Hold Without the Right Case

I love my iPhone 6s Plus like everyone else, but from the beginning its slippery texture has bothered me. It has fallen a few times, with no cracks fortunately, but I knew it was time to find the best wallet case to protect my iPhone 6s Plus. Usually it falls when I am texting or taking a photo.

At first I did not want to get a case because the phone is so attractive, but I constantly feared it slipping, resulting in cracked aluminum or a broken screen. I decided that if I am going to cover up my beautiful phone, I would search for an iPhone 6 Plus case that compares to the attractiveness of the phone, is slim in design, and has a good grip.

I found jimmyCASE on line. I had never heard of it but read a good review on GQ. I immediately liked the combination of natural wood and attractive colors on the card pocket. The pocket was a surprise feature that I was not even looking for.

I checked out the company’s website before ordering and became more impressed after reading reviews. According to the reviews, other 6+ users had the same problem with slipperiness. They said the cases bumper has a good grip hold, and users claimed it replaced their wallets, which was very appealing to me. So I ordered one. I opted for a black bumper and light wood with a navy and black stripe pocket.

I gotta say, this case is genius. It does hold everything as promised, and it looks cool. I get a lot of compliments and questions about the case. The edge has great grip. It also stays thin enough with stuff tucked in. If I go over 6 cards and cash, it starts to look bulky, though, in my pocket. So I keep the number of cards in check. 6 cards is perfect with some cash.

Totally recommend this case.

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