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iPhone 6 Plus Case

Looking for the best phone case for the new iPhone 6 Plus? May we recommend the Wallet Case by JimmyCASE. JimmyCASE makes some of the finest, highest quality phone cases on the market. So what makes the Wallet Case the best, you might be wondering. Well, that is simple. It is the top of the line quality handcrafted right here in the USA by premium craftsmen from only the highest quality of materials.


Additionally, this particular model, the iPhone 6 Plus wallet case, we believe is the best due to its multipurpose functionality that offers a practical and protective simplified means by which the user can carry their essential items, such as phone and money.

About the Best iPhone 6 Plus Case

The iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case by JimmyCASE is one of the most durable and reliable protection mechanisms for your phone. It is a bumper style phone case meaning that it has a solid full-frame protection core, of which, the iPhone 6 Plus will fit seamlessly into the rigid enclosure offering maximum defense against falls. Surrounding one of your most prized possessions is a sturdy silicone bumper that adds further protection. The front of the case provides a dependable “lay-on-the-table” type of screen protection.

Best iPhone 6 Plus Case

As far as appearance and efficiency goes, JimmyCASE knocks it out of the park with the hip yet classy look of the Wallet Case coupled with the effective and efficient wallet feature. The back lay of the iPhone 6 Plus case is a desirable rich genuine mahogany that is accented by the useful stretch sleeve wallet feature band. This elastic band is resistant and durable, not to mention aesthetically pleasing, with its trendy array of available color schemes.

Overall, the usability, functionality and practical nature of the Wallet Case by JimmyCASE make it one of the best iPhone 6 Plus cases available today.

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