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iPhone 6 Fashion Cases

Let’s face it, iPhone 6 cases are generally not very fashionable and in the rare instance that you might find one to be halfway decent in appearance you can just expect to have to sacrifice on quality of protection, or expect to give your first born for it. Well, not any more folks! JimmyCASE has an extensive line of iPhone 6 cases that really set the bar high for fashion cases in the world of practical, protective and aesthetically pleasing iPhone 6 cases.

iPhone 6 Fashion Cases


The iPhone 6 Jimmy Case in a Nutshell

JimmyCASE offers iPhone 6 owners a fashionable, slim and sophisticated phone case that is built strong and built smart. JimmyCASE are bumper style phone cases which means that the iPhone 6 itself will sit snugly inside of a solid rigid enclosure that will hug the phone tightly and securely. Surrounding the phone for added protection is a silicone bumper designed to take the bulk of the impact in case of a fall. The bumper itself, even though silicone, was also designed with aesthetics in mind as the backside features a matte finish and the front a shiny appealing gleam.

The core of the phone is the real eye catcher being made of real, dark, genuine mahogany which adds just the right amount of organic appeal to this case. Additionally, JimmyCASE offers custom iPhone 6 wallet cases that can be personalized to include either the classic mahogany or a lighter more delicate basswood finish, which is in addition to an offered selection of white or black silicone bumpers. JimmyCASE also offers the iPhone 6 wallet case by JimmyCASE which is a trendy, highly functional way to carry ones phone and wallet collectively. The sturdy elastic stretch sleeve band made to hold up to 6 cards plus cash is available in a wide array of fashionable color palettes.

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