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iPhone 6 Cases Made in USA     

I bought this great iPhone 7 plus wallet case from jimmyCASE, and was really happy to find out that not only are their iPhone cases made in the USA, each one is an actually handmade iPhone case. The quality is exceptional. And that's a good thing, because there are so many things we buy made in other countries (not that there's anything wrong with that) but it's nice to get something well-made from home.


iPhone Wallet Cases by JIMMYCASE® Handmade in USA

The jimmyCASE has a really distinctive wood-backed base with a high-quality silicone bumper and – this is the bonus – a very stretchy and strong elastic strip that holds stuff for easy access. License, credit cards, a key or two, cash – they can all go in there and you can use it over and over, and the elastic doesn't lose its stretch. You can get it in different colors. My elastic is orange and grey, but you can get basic black or tweedy brown. Check out all their different colors available. You can make a real statement.

They stand by each jimmyCASE because they're put together by hand right there in Southern California. They're durable and protective and the fit and finish of the parts is way better than with any of those factory-assembled plasticky things you can buy (which are often pricier than you'd expect).

Honestly, I haven't thought much about "buying American" until now, and this is something that makes me proud to do it.

Order one from and you'll see how confident they are in their product, too. There's a no-risk money back guarantee, and free shipping. Or spend some time taking a look at all they have to offer, in materials and colors. You can also read their customer reviews – a lot of five-star reviews. They're using the same product I'm using, and it's making their lives easier, too.

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