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How To: Save Phone Battery At A Music Festival

How To Save Phone Battery At A Music Festival

It’s music festival season, and you’ve been mentally packing for weeks. Sunnies, check. Selfie stick, check. iPhone 7 Plus card holder, check. Nonetheless, you’ve got that nagging feeling that your smart phone battery might die at the wrong time. Well, relax and follow these simple tips for the best ways to save your battery at Coachella or any other festival:

Invest in a Portable Battery

These handy devices are often overlooked, but shouldn’t be. They are now extremely affordable—you can find them for as little as a few dollars, though you might want to spend a bit more to find one that will last through a three-day festival. They are also compact enough to fit in a small purse or pocket without being annoying. Without a doubt, these should be your first line of defense.

Close Your Apps

This is a no-brainer. Apps drain your battery. Obviously, you need to use some while your traversing the grounds, recording unforgettable moments, and staying in contact with the outside world. Nonetheless, be diligent in closing those you’re not using.

Fly High with Airplane Mode

Granted, this is not good to do all the time, or when you’re waiting (or hoping) for a message from a friend. However, if you are secure in your group and know you’ll be relaxing and listening to a set for a while, click on airplane mode, close your wallet phone case and watch the show. It will save a lot of battery power.

Use a Real Camera

What? A real camera? Imagine that. You’ll not only save a lot of battery life, but you’ll also rediscover these amazing instruments.

Refer to a Paper Map of the Festival Grounds

This is also a retro move, and it’s very effective. Almost all festivals print maps of the layout, so why not carry one in the best iPhone 7 wallet case you can find and give your phone a rest?

As you can see, making your phone battery last only takes a simple tactical approach. Enjoy.

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