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How To: Encrypt Your iPhone

What Every iPhone Owner Should Know About Encryption 

Your smartphone is likely to be one of the most valuable items you own. Sure, its value is measured in dollars but the real value of this device is in how much personal information it contains. If your smartphone is ever lost or stolen, another person could gain immediate access to all kinds of important information. Everything from bank accounts to the addresses of family members could be exploited by a criminal. You can protect yourself and your personal information by encrypting your iPhone. While the best iPhone 7 cardholder from the jimmyCASE works hard to protect the exterior of your device, encryption protects the inside.

Encryption Basics

Simply put, encryption transforms your data into an unintelligent jumble unless the person with the key to the code is using the device. Undoing the scramble is called decryption; the only person able to decrypt your phone should be you. This way, you can feel confident that if your phone is ever misplaced or stolen, anyone who tries to use it will be unable to recognize any information.

Encryption is much more than just locking your phone with a passcode. Your private decryption key works like a decoder ring that transforms data into a mess of letters and numbers unless the correct code is presented.

Protected iPhone

Setting Up Encryption 

iPhones and iPads are easy to encrypt. Just follow these steps:

  • Open Settings and select Touch ID & Passcode
  • Turn on the Passcode feature
  • Disable Simple Passcode to use a longer passcode with numbers and letters
  • In the Touch ID & Passcode menu, scroll to the bottom and find the Erase Data option. 

Selecting the Erase Data option will make it so that all your iPhone’s data is erased after ten failed passcode attempts.

Make Security a Habit 

Being security minded is easy once you make a habit of it. Think beyond the exterior of your phone – after all, The jimmyCASE has got you covered. Contact us today or connect with us on social media. We sell iPhone wallet cases for all models. Links to latest iPhone 11 Models Below.

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