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How jimmyCASE Sets You Apart From the Crowd

Clock in at 9. Finish that report. Hit the food truck for lunch. Clock out at 6. We all have some kind of routine, and it's easy to get lost in the crowd. So if you want to feel like your own person – with your own style and your own way of doing things – here's how jimmyCASE sets you apart from everyone else

Your iPhone 6 is a fantastic device, but let's face it, it looks like a lot of other people's. What if you were to dress it up with a military-spec mahogany (or basswood) backing, a high-tech silicone surround (in black or white) and a stretchy elastic sleeve in an eye-catching color combo that you've chosen? Well, then you'd have something that's all about "you," and the way you live.

Put away the wallet. You don't need that big, bulky, chiropractic hazard in your pocket, or weighing down your purse. Let jimmyCASE iPhone wallet hold the things that you want to take with you wherever you go – driver's license, cash, the business cards you just had printed. Whatever they are, they're gripped tightly in the elastic sleeve for your security, yet easily accessed for your convenience.

We think everyone should have a jimmyCASE, because we stand by this great-looking, quality-crafted product not only as a protective measure but as a fashion statement that brings personality to an everyday object. But no matter how many hip, smart and stylish people have them, they always stand out in a crowd.

So whether you're the leader of the pack or bringing up the rear, make sure you let the world know who you are – with the jimmyCASE. Go to and order the look you want, with a 30-day no-risk guarantee (check out the website for full details).

No one should mistake you for anyone else. With jimmyCASE, no one will.

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