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How jimmyCASE Has Changed My iPhone 6 Plus - and My Life - For the Better

My routine was harried, messy and unspectacular – until I did the one thing that simplified my everyday grind. Here's how jimmyCASE iPhone wallet has changed my 6 Plus – and my life – for the better.

I love my iPhone 6 Plus case! That little device allows me to do so much. I can work, play and entertain myself with it wherever I go, but that's also the problem. I find myself doing way too much on any given day, and for a while there I was loading up my pockets with way too much stuff for one person to carry.

Then I got my jimmyCASE. For starters, let's talk about the way it holds things. It's got me trained to carry my essentials; with a set of earbuds, a debit card, my driver's license and a few bucks cash safely tucked into the stretchy, trademark elastic sleeve. I'm no longer bulging with odds and ends, I'm only bringing my must-haves (and my best self) to the party.

I also used to have a hardshell case that offered no grip at all. Thanks to jimmyCASE and the silicone bumper, I've got a hold on my iPhone that discourages me from dropping it, and an extra measure of protection for the screen when I place it face down.

Now can we talk about style? I take pride in my appearance, and my extra-thick, beat-up wallet wasn't doing me any fashion favors. Now my silhouette's slimmed down with the jimmyCASE, and when I have it in hand, everyone takes notice of that gorgeous wood backing and colorful elastic sleeve.

I ordered mine in mahogany wood with orange and navy blue stripes. I might get another one, for variety, and I'm trying to choose between one of the many color combinations available or maybe just basic black.

Want to change your life? Let jimmyCASE do it for you.

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