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Here's What's Next For jimmyCASE and iPhone 7

IPHONE 7 7 PLUS WALLET CARD CASEThere's change a-brewing, folks – there always is. If you're anything like me, someone who spends a lot of time on computer, on phone, for work as well as for play, you've heard the rumors. Something big is going to change the world. 


 There's a new iPhone on the horizon, in addition to the new iPhone SE wallet case, and many of us – yeah, me, for instance – can't wait to get their hands on it. 

I'm really happy about the way I've kept my last two iPhones (5 and 6) protected and made them even more functional, thanks to the jimmyCASE. I was introduced to this unusual and exceptional wallet case by a co-worker who was a friend of the friend someone who worked for the company, based in California. So for years, my phones have been secure and stylish, and I'm a massive fan of the elastic wallet part (which I find excellent for holding onto travel and expense receipts, in addition to being attractive).

So here's the question: What's next for jimmyCASE and the iPhone 7 wallet case?

I have heard the new iPhone is going to be around the same size, maybe thinner, might not even have a headphone jack, and the rear-facing camera lens might be a different shape. Check. I have no doubt there isn't anything the jimmyCASE crew can't do to re-size, re-style and re-configure their current product to work just as beautifully with the new phone as it always has with past models.

Their inventory begins with cases for the iPhone 4 and 4s – so you know it's a company that grows and adapts to the market's newest needs. And personally, I have been more than satisfied with their cases.

I'm going to stay tuned to their website at for updates, because whatever's next for the iPhone 7 is going to be whatever's next for jimmyCASE products.

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