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Handmade iPhone Cases  

I felt a little bit guilty – my parents got me a new iPhone 6s for my birthday, and apparently they told my uncle about it, so he got me a present to go with it: a case.

Okay, here's why I felt guilty. I didn't like it. It looked okay, all shiny and metallic – but it just wasn't made that well. It was another one of those molded plastic numbers, the kind that you can find on the internet for anything from a dollar to forty bucks, depending on where you look.

I wanted something with a little more "quality." So I decided… I'll look online for handmade iphone cases, get one, and tell my uncle that my girlfriend got me a case, too, so I had to go with the one she gave me. I know, I know, I don't have a girlfriend… but he doesn't know that, and maybe I do have one. I just haven't met her yet.

Enter the jimmyCASE. Thanks to this awesome product, I now have an iPhone 6s wallet that looks every bit as handmade and high-quality as it really is. And it's wood! It has a mahogany backing ("military-grade" – how cool is that?) with a stretchy elastic sleeve that I put my driver's license, student ID, cash and other stuff in. It holds up to six cards, so my day is easy to get through without a regular wallet, and I chose my elastic in basic black, because I'm fancy.

Each jimmyCASE is assembled by hand in Los Angeles, which makes them an American Made iPhone case . The way the components fit together is precise and tight and the material is expertly finished. You can't get handmade quality from those molded plastic cases. Handmade Iphone Case

Now I'm set. I've got my jimmyCASE and my uncle bought my story. I'd still like a girlfriend, though.

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