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Does jimmyCASE iPhone 6 Case Fit 6s?

Yes! The jimmyCASE wallet case for iPhone 6 fits the iPhone 6S. And the jimmyCASE iPhone 6 Plus wallet case fits the iPhone 6S Plus. The dimensions of the new 6S cases are pretty much the same as the earlier models. A tiny bit thicker, but the cases fit great.

Our iPhone Wallet Cases are available for all models, including the new iPhone 11 phones. Each JIMMYCASE is handcrafted in Los Angeles from premium wood (Mahogany, Black Maple, Ebony, Oak or Teak). Free shipping in USA.

iPhone Wallet Cases

Does jimmyCASE For iPhone 6 fit iPhone 6S

For the iPhone 6S, jimmyCASE provides the same great protection and functionality as we do for all Apple iPhones.   A protective bumper surrounds your phone 360 degrees.   A tiny lip on the front of the case protects the screen and gives you lay-on-the-table protection. The genuine Mahogany core provides great strength and looks amazing. The elastics bands, custom-woven for jimmyCASE expand to hold up to six cars or bulky items like car keys.

jimmyCASE iPhone wallet case will fit your iPhone 6S or 6S Plus phone and your busy lifestyle.   With jimmyCASE, you can be ready for everything, always. Need your credit card? Check! ATM Card? It’s there. Work ID? No problem. $20 Bill? Fold it up and slip it in? Band-Aid?   Why not? It fits. You can place a whole bunch of Band-Aids in a jimmyCASE and they won’t slip out. Ever. Car key? Our elastic band can stretch and handle it.   Business Cards? Just push in a big stack and you are ready to network. You can exercise with jimmyCASE and know your important cards are ready. Pressed juice after workout? Ready!   Fill up the car? Ready? Date night? No Costanza wallet needed to pay for tickets.   Grocery shopping? Leave your purse in the car. On vacation? Just slip your room key, credit card and drivers license in jimmyCASE and you are ready for everything.   School? ID, metro card, meal pass, everything you need is with you always.  

And if you find jimmyCASE doesn’t fit your busy lifestyle, no problem.   Each jimmyCASE comes with a 30 day no risk guarantee.

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