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Did You Know jimmyCASE Offers a Risk Free Trial for an iPhone SE Wallet Case?

Life’s a little overwhelming because I started college 6 months ago. I had no idea how busy I would be in college. It is my first time living on my own and managing my life. So I am always looking for ways to simplify my life and be more organized. I have tried several different types of wallet cases for my iPhone SE, so that I could get rid of my wallet and purse. I had not found the right one, until recently. Some of my complaints were that the folio flap made it hard to text or use the camera with one hand because of the bulky flap. Also, those with a plastic or leather pocket for cards were hard to use, slowing me down when I needed to get ID, bus card, etc., out of the pocket.

I checked out jimmyCASE online. The product looked great on the website; attractive case, stretchy elastic pocket, great color choices. I noticed that they offer a risk-free trial. The website informed me I can return the product for a full refund within 30 days. I’ve been stuck with other cases, so I thought that was a great incentive.

I purchased my jimmyCASE a week ago. I gotta say, this case is PERFECT. I love it. It holds all of my essentials: debit card, bus card, school ID, cash, and dorm key. It’s really cute. I got pink and grey stripe with a white bumper and dark wood base. I really can go without a wallet or purse now that I have this case.

For me, my jimmyCASE is better than folio cases because it is lightweight and slim. It fits in my back pocket easily. I get a lot of compliments because it is really attractive. I’m psyched I found the perfect case for my iPhone SE.

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