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Designer iPhone 6 Cases

I'm special. No, really. Chances are, you're special too. And I just got a new iPhone 6s, so I really want to wrap it up in something original and stylish. Thanks to a little bit of net-surfing, I found the jimmyCASE.

I researched a lot of designer iPhone 6 cases, and even though some of them looked cool, they didn't seem that special. What I've been looking for is an iPhone 6s wallet case, because I am constantly on the move, but I didn't want what they all look like: a wallet with a phone in it. Those kinds of cases are a hassle… it sounds ridiculous, but when you're in a hurry, opening a flap is an extra step you just don't need.

Also, they're bulky. Like really bulky, about the size of… well, a wallet with a phone in it.

Finally, I caught a piece on Shopify that listed jimmyCASE as a "bragworthy gift idea," and I'm happy to say they're right. Instead of being encased in a plastic shell designed to look snazzy, my iPhone 6s is now backed with beautiful mahogany wood iPhone case surrounded by a silicone bumper. It's slim, sturdy and stylish, and the bumper has a lip that lets me put the phone face-down on hard surfaces without worrying about damaging the screen.

Here's the "wallet" part: the elastic sleeve on it lets me carry cash, a few cards and any other out-and-about essentials. There are a lot of colors and colored-stripe combinations available; I got the "brown tweedy" because my red business card looks cool peeping out from under it. 

I'm urging you to leverage your special-ness and order your jimmyCASE like I did. Go to, check out their reviews, pick your colors, and take your smartphone to the next level of "special."

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