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Design an iPhone case

Last week I took the time to design an IPhone case, and it's one of the best investments of my time and creativity I've ever made. Because now I have something I see and use all the time that completely reflects "me," in a cool and non-obnoxious but constantly visible way.

I'm an introvert according to some people, but I'm still about making stuff that looks like "me" – if I'm going to save up money and buy a car, I'm going to make sure it has all the features and colors I want. If I'm going to decorate my home, I'm going to search high and low for the stuff I want to see and use every day. And if I'm going to cover my phone, I'm happy I found out about www.thejimmyCASE.com, where you can put together custom iPhone 6s cases with excellent quality, high style and great value.

That's what I put together, something for my 6s, but you can design your jimmyCASE for other smartphones, too. Skilled craftspeople will assemble your case: with darker mahogany wood phone caseor lighter basswood as the core, a white or black silicone bumper and – this is the really fun part – the "wallet" part. It's high-quality elastic that creates a wallet, and you can choose bright colors, dark colors or stripes. I went with basswood, a white bumper and steel blue elastic. It's very "me."

It's such a great product. It really does a lot. It protects the phone with that durable wood and bumper guard, and the wallet part going out so much easier! I usually carry a couple of credit cards and my ID in it, plus a bit of cash. If I don't want to carry a bag or a purse, I'll stick my house and car keys in it. I'm set for the day.

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