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Custom iPhone 6s Wallets

Why by a standard iPhone 6s case, when you can get one just the way you like it? Why not get custom iphone 6S wallets by jimmyCASE.

You can pick any one of our dozen great elastic fabric colors, choose your wood color, choose your bumper color and we will custom make the case, just as you want it, by hand in our Los Angeles factory.

Custom iPhone 6S wallets

You have hundreds of standard choices out there. Black? Brown? Or colorful plastic.

With jimmyCASE custom iPhone 6 Wallets, you can get the whole rainbow. We even feature rainbow stripe fabric.  Our elastic band colors include, Orange & Gray, Orange & Navy Blue, Navy Blue & Black, Black, Burgundy & Gold, Light Blue & Gold, Pink & Gray, Pink & Red, and Pink Bikini Stripe.  

And, if you don’t like our standard dark mahogany wood, you can choose our lighter color basswood in our custom iPhone 6s Wallets.

With jimmyCASE, you’ll be ready for everything. When you carry the cards you need (credit card, ID, work pass, ATM, Drivers License, Business Cards), you will be ready – for work, working out, going out, shopping, vacationing, having any kind of fun.

And with jimmyCASE stretchy elastic bands, you aren’t limited to cards. You can slip in bulky items, like car keys, lipsticks, watches, candy, gum, energy bars, condoms, a little bag of change, a joint.

So, it’s time to get a custom jimmyCASE.   Colored just the way you like it, you’ll have the only one. And, you’ll be able to get rid of your wallet and carry just what you need…always.

How do we know you’ll love it? Because jimmyCASE consistently gets 5-star reviews on our website and at Amazon. Customers throughout the world have been trying and loving their unique, custom iPhone wallet cases from jimmyCASE.

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