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Custom Cellphone Case

I've had a cellphone or smartphone since way back when – what, like the '90s? – and ever since we started needing covers and cases for them, I've just bought whatever was nearby, or sold at whatever place where I got the phone.

I got a new phone, so I wanted a custom cellphone case this time, and here's what I learned: If you want to put together a custom cellphone case, you can pay a lot for something lots of people have. It's like, "custom" means "expensive," and not much else.

Or you can get something that you've actually had a hand in making. My sister, an art teacher, made a recommendation. She sent me a link to and that's where I found a way to make a custom iPhone 6s case(if I needed one – more on that later) that is made of durable materials and assembled by hand, to my specification.
It's a stylish iPhone wallet case, with high-quality wood, protective bumper and elastic pocket to make the easiest-to-use "wallet case" I have ever seen or used. It holds my cash and business and credit cards, and I can grab stuff out of it and put it back in without trouble or worry. I'm rarely home, so that makes errands and socializing a lot easier.
Like I said, you can choose what you want. What color wood, what color elastic, what color silicone, but here was the huge surprise -- they have enough options available that I didn't actually have to custom-order anything. You can if you want, but look at the different color and materials combinations they already have. You might not need to.
I love looking at my jimmyCASE, and using it. People honestly ask about it and I tell them, and a couple of friends of mine have already ordered theirs, too.

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