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Crimson and Gold iPhone 6 Plus Wallet

If you’re looking to shout out from the rooftops with the right colors that you can add to your iPhone case, as well as a way to carry your belongings; jimmyCASE has you covered. Make sure to get much more out of what you’re being provided with, and know that our cases are able to protect the life of your phone and all that comes with it. Take the time to check out even more today.

Get More From the Case You Put on Your Phone

When you want to make sure to get even more benefits from the case that is on your phone, the Crimson and Gold iPhone 6 Plus Wallet by jimmyCASE is able to provide them all and more. With the right case, you will feel more confident bringing it to wherever it needs to go. This is because you want to protect your phone, but you also want to make sure that crimson and gold can be seen shining bright. Use the iPhone 6 plus card case to hold all of your items, including your phone. 

Keep your items inside a wallet, so you don’t lose them, but also make sure to keep your phone on you. With all that is offered, you can feel good about the choice you made to move forward with the choice of case that you are putting on your phone. Scream school spirit, keep your items with you and protect your phone with one case.
Speak with us here, or shop today to find the jimmyCASE that you’re in need of. With so many choices and selections, you can make the most of what you put on your phone and are able to hold your items with. Never have to worry about not having the right case, since our selection is one of the biggest, most protective and versatile.

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