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Cool iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Want to know who has the coolest iPhone 6 plus cases? jimmyCASE, that's who. 

I learned this from my mom, when I drove down last week and took her to lunch. While she replied to a text from a friend, the check arrived. Before I could grab it, she pulled a credit card out from seemingly nowhere and handed it to our server.

I thanked her, then asked her, "Was that a wallet?" "No, it's my phone," she said, holding it up. "Actually, my phone case." She handed it to me. "What is this?" "It's a jimmyCASE. Your Aunt Margaret has one and I had to get one."

I could easily see why. It's a beautifully crafted thing – finished wood with a protective silicone surround, and a brightly-colored elastic sleeve, which is where she had her credit card, along with her I.D. and her lipstick.

"The things I always need, I put in there," she explained. "And they don't fall out, and you can order different colors." 

My incredibly cool mom had turned her iPhone 6 into an iPhone 6 wallet case that was way cooler than any others I'd seen.
That night, I went online to In addition to different color, wood and bumper options, they offer free shipping and a no-risk guarantee. I also read several five-star product and consumer reviews, and some very good press from sources like GQ UK, Shopify and Macworld. These things are respected. 

I ordered one; mahogany wood iPhone case with the rainbow sleeve for my iPhone 6 plus, which I use proudly and confidently. I'm not likely to lose my grip on the silicone surround, and the sleeve isn't likely to lose my stuff. It holds my cash and up to 6 cards, so I've ditched my wallet for good.

It's all about the jimmyCASE.

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