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Cool Cell Phone Case with Card Holder for iPhone 6

I got my new iPhone 6 and cool navy blue and black jimmyCASE cell phone case in time for a week-long vacation in Cabo San Lucas.

Nothing makes vacationing easier and more convenient than my cell phone case with card holder for my iPhone 6.   Once I landed at the hotel, I threw all my stuff in a drawer and put my room key, driver’s license and credit card in the elastic pocket.

Cool Cell Phone Case With Card Holder For iPhone 6


Once I visited the Cambio, I stuffed in some pesos and I was good to go.   Buying jewelry, blankets, and hat on the beach, the pesos in the jimmyCASE sure came in handy. Even when renting ATV’s, credit card and drivers license are ready to go. Swimsuit at the mall, credit card right there in my case. Paying the Sheraton at checkout, credit card in my jimmyCASE.

On a Mexican vacation maybe you plan on digitally disconnecting. But, your phone will likely be with you at all times. Want to text your wife or kids from the pool? Need your phone. Go into town? You want to stay connected and need your phone. Take a picture? Need your phone. So why not strap the stuff you need and be relaxed and ready on vacation?

Then on the way back home, I was using my jimmyCASE every five minutes. Souvenirs and lunch at the airport - drinks and snacks on the plane - taxi back in Los Angeles - dinner for my family when we got home - every time I just pull my credit card from my jimmyCASE. I am hooked.

Back at work and my ATM card and work pass are slipped into my case.   I’m going to keep my Sheraton room key in for a week or two because it makes me smile and reminds me about my awesome vacation.

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