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College Color iPhone 6 Plus Case

Rooting for your favorite team has never been easier when you choose jimmyCASE for the protective outer layer on your phone. Protection and a cool look come together in the College Color iPhone 6 Plus Case. You can choose whatever colors you want to represent and put them together on the phone to have them stand out. Each team is different and depending on where you go or went to college, jimmyCASE has the right colors to show off that team spirit wherever you go. Make sure to watch out for the rivals that might come about!  iphone 6s wallet case

Use an iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case

The  iPhone 6 Plus wallet case also comes in a wallet type of case. This provides the user with not only protection and the right colors, but it can also hold the cards and money that you have, as well. Through the use of this case, you can feel more confident about bringing your money with you. Not only does it hold it tight, but a lot of people wouldn't think to check the iPhone card holder for the cash that you might have on hand. This means, you’re essentially hiding the fact that you have anything valuable on you.

The jimmyCASE has perfected their appearance and protection measures throughout the years. Now, they’re excited to offer the best look and fit for your iPhone when searching for the perfect case.

Shop through all of the offer the perfect iPhone 6 Plus Cases for college here at jimmyCASE to find the perfect one for your phone. You should never have to worry about not being able to have the right protection when the time comes. We fully believe that the jimmyCASE can make caring and carrying your phone and other items much easier. Find yours today!

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