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Cell Phone Case with ID Holder iPhone 6

Do you have an ID you’d like to carry, but you don’t want to carry it in a lanyard around you neck or on a zip holder clipped to your pants.

jimmyCASE acts as the best cell phone case with ID holder for iPhone 6 and 6s. You carry you phone with you all the time at work, why not carry your ID in your jimmyCASE? You can tap your jimmyCASE to the keycard locks throughout your office without pulling your ID out. Easy!

Cell Phone Case with ID holder for you iPhone 6

You can carry your ID away from prying eyes tucked safely inside our custom-woven elastics. Then when you need it, just pop it out with your thumb, or tap it against any card reader – without pulling it out.

You can also drive with confidence, knowing your drivers license, is always tucked away in your jimmyCASE iPhone 6 case. You don’t have to worry about remembering your wallet or purse. If your iPhone is with you, then your jimmyCASE and drivers license can always be there, ready as needed. School ID’s too can be with you all the time, strapped in safely with your jimmyCASE.


You can carry your ID in style, with our cool custom-woven elastics in a variety of great colors and with our genuine mahogany wood core. jimmyCASE works great with work IDs and all other forms of identification, such as drivers licenses, school IDs, etc.

The stretchy elastic pocket also allows you to carry up to six card, credit cards, ATM, whatever you need. So why carry the lame ID holder that they gave you at work? Carry an iPhone case that is stylish, super-functional, and great for kids!

You can pick a jimmyCASE ID holder to match your style in great colors – orange & navy blue, orange & gray, navy blue & black, rainbow, black, pink & red, pink & gray, blue & gold and maroon and & gold, and pink bikini multi-stripe. Try us out with our risk free trial and free international shipping…what do you have to lose!

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