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Cell Phone Case with ID Holder for Your iPhone 6 Plus

I bought my new iPhone 6 Plus and this phone is big. So I figured, what can I do with all that extra space on the back? Then I found jimmyCASE cell phone case with id holder for iphone 6 plus. Every day I use it the case gets better for me as I find new uses: I took my kids to cub scouts and used all three band-aids I had slipped in my case.

Cell Phone Case with ID holder for your iphone 6 plus

And shopping has changed for me totally. I used to carry my big heavy purse into the mall and grocery store. Now I pull my jimmyCASE out and leave my purse at home. Perfect!

In my jimmyCASE, I keep my Mastercard, Macys Card, ATM, Nordstrom Card, and Vons card. Everything I need for all my shopping. And, I’m not schlepping my big purse everywhere I go. My shoulder seriously feels so much better, all because of jimmyCASE.

It’s also amazing what a conversation starter the case is. Everywhere I go, my friends comment about how cool the case is and how they are going to use it. My best friend is a grade school teacher.   And she was so happy to dump her work pass necklace and carry her pass strapped to her phone. My good friend from college is a pharmaceuticals rep. She carries her business cards in her jimmyCASE. And my husband runs every night with his ID in his jimmyCASE.

It has been so cool to slim down and simplify my life, carrying less and getting everything I need done - easy.

I like it so much I’m getting a second case. I carry my black case for work, sleek and simple. But on weekends I hang out with my “Illini”, University of Illinois alumni friends. So, I ordered an Orange and Navy blue iPhone 6 Plus jimmyCASE and they are going to be jealous!

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