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Can Your iPhone Case Replace Your Wallet?

Can your iPhone case replace your wallet? Yes it can and your life can be so much better when you get rid of your wallet. If your life is similar to the people at jimmyCASE, there are a handful of items necessary for you to live your life. ID (drivers license, school ID) Credit Card, ATM card or Debit Card. And maybe you need something specific, insurance card, card key, metro card – maybe some cash.

jimmyCASE iPhone wallet cases are designed to carry these items and replace your wallet. And the stretchy elastic is better than a stiff wallet. It expands to hold bulky items, like car keys or lipstick.

And unlike other wallet cases made of hard plastic or leather, our custom woven elastic bands stretch out to carry up to six cards. And they bounce back every time, never stretching out. One card? Six Cards? No problem, every time!

And jimmyCASE cell phone wallet cases can replace your wallet when traveling and on vacation.   When travelling, your phone is with you all the time. Just think…your ID, credit cards and ATM cards can be there too. No more fumbling around for you ID at airport security.   Bag fees at check in? Your credit card is right there with you, strapped to your phone.

And when you arrive at your destination, jimmyCASE is right there to carry your credit card, ID and room card, strapped to your phone.   Jump in your rental car and everything you need is with you, strapped to your phone.

The benefits of replacing your wallet with your iPhone case don’t end there. Do you shop in bed at night like we do? Need your credit card for a new shopping site.   Strapped right to your iPhone case. No more getting out of your warm bed to find your wallet.

Your iPhone case can definitely replace your wallet and make your life so much simpler. Your phone is with you all the time. Why not put it to work with jimmyCASE?

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