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Blue iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Care

Taking care of your iPhone 6 Plus wallet case has never been easier with the use of these tips and trick. Any tips for the blue iPhone 6 Plus case care are appreciated, but we want to make sure that you’re not going to ruin it when you use recommendations from others that might not be familiar with such a case. Ensure that you’re protecting yourself, your case and your phone in the end. 

Care Instructions for the iPhone 6 Wallet Cases

Water should not be a component when it comes to washing off the case. Using a damp washcloth can be ideal, but too much water can be a bad thing when you’re trying to make the case clean. Submerging is never a good idea when it comes to cleaning your wallet, or your phone.Blue iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case

When you dropping your phone inside the jimmyCASE iPhone 6 wallet case shouldn't cause damage to the outside of your phone. The jimmyCASE is perfect designed to fit around your iPhone. While the case does provide a modern level of protection for your phone, it is not designed to take on heavy impacts or falls. Care is essential.

 Always make sure to take the best care of the blue iPhone 6 wallet case when the time comes. Using these blue iPhone 6 and 6 Plus wallet care tips can put you in a better position to make sure that the wallet and phone case are being properly cared for and used. We are sure you will love your jimmyCASE, and we want to make sure it lasts for some time to come.

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