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Best Music Apps For Your iPhone

Your smartphone is not only the perfect way to stay connected, but it can also help you better enjoy your favorite music. The best music apps will not only be able to help you create more fun playlists, but also expose you to a variety of new music.

Best Music Apps For Your iPhone

Spotify:You can play any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode for free. This app allows you to easily build your playlist and expand your knowledge with ready-made playlists. You can upgrade your listening experience to eliminate ads by registering for Spotify Premium. 

Pandora:Pandora is almost like a best friend, as it gets to know your musical tastes right away. You can create personalized stations from artists, songs, or entire genres of music. Pandora Plus allows you to upgrade your listening experience with ad-free options that let you skip around as much as you would like.

Soundcloud:Even if your local radio stations do not have what you want, you can find your favorite music on SoundCloud. SoundCloud offers 150 million songs thanks to a community of artists and musicians uploading new music. You can easily use this app to connect with friends and interact about music.

Tidal:Tidal offers an unmatched video and audio experience, as you have access to over 40 million songs and 130,000 music videos. Tidal offers recommendations from some of the top music journalists working today. You can also find articles and interviews on trends in your favorite musical genre.

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