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Best Phone Case for Teens

Did your teen get a new phone? Are you now nervous about them dropping the expensive phone? Well search no further for the best cell phone case for teens. The jimmyCASE is a revolutionary new case that incorporates your wallet and your phone all into one sleek design. A piece of wood backing with a thick elastic fabric stretched across the back and it’s the perfect place to hold credit cards. Teens can hold their high school ID, their driver’s license, or some extra money for going out with their friends. In fact if they need to hold a car or house key, the jimmyCASE is also suited for that.

Best phone case for teens

The jimmyCASE is also customizable so that your teen can show off their true colors while still having a very protective and productive case. Your teen is able to choose the color of the sturdy, rubber bumper that will protect their phone when your teen inevitability drops it. They will also be able to choose the color of the elastic fabric from our array of interesting colors and designs. If your teen has the iPhone 6 then they are also able to choose the color of wood. The jimmyCASE is available for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, and 6 Plus as well as for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S6.

The jimmyCASE is assembled in East Los Angeles with the components being fashioned throughout the area. The laser etching is done in Silverlake, the fabrics are made on the south side, and the wood is from Orange County. This sleek phone case is your teen’s solution for protecting their phone and making a big fashion statement.

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