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Best Phone Case for College Students

Tired of carrying your phone, wallet, etc., everywhere you go? Do you never have enough space in your purse or pockets to carry everything you need? Tired of lugging all that stuff to class and wishing you could minimize what you carr? Meet the jimmyCASE, the combo phone case and wallet that will solve your space problems, and easily the best phone case for college students.

The handmade in LA, real mahogany case is a revolutionary design that combines a good looking protective case with a wallet, allowing busy college students to keep spare money, a meal card, or almost anything with them wherever they go. Perfect for anyone who is tired of taking up too much space in their pocket.

This is what people have to say about it.

“I dropped my jimmyCASE a bunch of times both my phone and the case were fine!”

Best phone case for college students

“This phone case holds all my cards securely without falling out. Other phone cases that are roughly similar do not keep as many and do not look as good. The jimmyCASE was a great choice.”

“The rubber grip allows me to operate the phone easily, one-handed, and the case has great styling and is not too bulky. I would recommend this case to anyone who wants something unique and fairly sturdy and functional.”

“My case is going strong and I find it works better than any of the competitor cases. Having it be USA made cell phone case is nice, as so many things aren’t these days.”

“This case is awesome. The fit and finish is superb. The mahogany backing looks great, and the elastic band is high quality. My favorite feature of the case is the grippy bumper, since the phone is fairly large and can be cumbersome to grip. I would buy this case again for sure! Its a great alternative to the other bulkier wallet-type cases out there.”

Customers love jimmyCASE and it is perfect for today’s fast moving person who is done with their purse or finished with their wallet.   Simple and loved.

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