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Best Phone Case for Adventurous Kids

I am a 12 year old boy, and my mother has just gotten me the best phone case ever! She says it's the best phone case for kids, but my two brothers also have jimmyCASE’s, as does my mother, my father, and my grandma. They all love theirs, but I love mine the best!! It perfectly holds my school lunch card, my debit card, my house keys, and a 20 dollar bill, which is all I really need. When I used to go out of the house in the morning, I would always forget something (lunch card, debit card, house key, even my phone), but now that I have a jimmyCASE, I mostly remember all of them (unless I forget all of them)!

Cell phone wallet cases are the newest craze at my school, and the worst thing I’ve seen happen is someone holding their phone and walking while a torrent of personal items and money floods down the hallway. It causes quite a backup, and I’ve only ever seen them get a max of half of it back. Of course, it isn’t really a torrent, because those cases can’t hold many items, but anyway, the jimmyCASE doesn’t do that. I can keep everything but the kitchen sink in there, and the elastic holds it tight, but not too tight, so you’re not fumbling inside it like that weird coin pocket in a pair of too-small jeans.

I have dropped my phone exactly four times since I got my jimmyCASE, and the rubber bumper case protected it, but didn’t make it too bulky. I LOVE MY jimmyCASE!!!!!!

P.S. This is Benjamin’s mother. Sorry about the grammar errors, and he was so excited he forgot to tell you what’s important. I usually don’t like anything, but I love my jimmyCASE too.   Thanks. You can buy your jimmycase at Have a nice day!

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