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Best iPhone Case for Senior Citizens

- jimmyCASE & iPhone 6 Plus: The Perfect Pairing For The Octogenarian In Your Life -

jimmyCASE is the best iPhone case for a senior citizen. My elder aunt Ida, 82, lives in an assisted living residence an hour away and we planned a family visit on Christmas day. We brought an iPhone 6 with a beautiful blue and gold stripe jimmyCASE for a gift. The iPhone 6 Plus was loaded with family pics, her important contacts, NYT crossword puzzle app and Sodoku app. We had no idea if she would be able to adapt and use the basic features on her phone, or manage switching to a wallet case that holds ID and credit cards. We love our jimmyCASE's so we thought it was worth a try.

Alas, the combination wallet/iPhone case was an instant success. She loved the easy access to pictures of the extended family (we had added old time black and white photos of her early years with our mom, her cousins, and her parents, in addition to current family photos). And the case seemed to answer a prayer, as she is always losing necessary items that she can now keep in the elastic band.

Regarding the case, she admired the fine craftsmanship and bright colors of the jimmyCASE and noted that she can keep her room card key in band as well. Modern senior residences have card keys instead of metal keys (who knew?). The residence where she lives also provides a regularly updated medical emergency card for each resident, and fortunately this fit perfectly into the case, too.

Everything Ida needs daily fit easily into the elastic band of the jimmyCASE: ID, Debit Card, Room Key Card, and Medical Emergency Card. It took a little practice showing her how to push the desired items up through the bottom of the elastic band, but then she had the aha moment everyone has when they realize how easy it is to get items out of the jimmyCASE elastic band without them falling out.

Our family (me, husband and our 3 teenagers) joined Ida in the resident’s dining hall for dinner. She showed her dining mates her new gadget and case and there were a lot of ooh’s and ahh’s. Some of the other elder residents had iPhone's too, but hers was the first jimmyCASE in the building and there was a lot of interest in that. The bright colors were commented on and real wood. Her friend Jeannie called it a work of art.

Ida dropped her phone twice and misplaced it once during our 2-hour visit. The silicone bumper gave it protection from the falls and the vibrant color made it easy to spot.

When we taught Ida how to use the Soduko and NYT Crossword Puzzle Apps, we knew it was a good time to leave her with her gadget. She really appreciated our effort to bring her a meaningful gift and show her how to use it.

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