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Best iPhone Case for Kids

Did your “trustworthy” child just get a new iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, or 6 plus?  Are you looking for the best iPhone case for kids?  The answer is jimmyCASE.

jimmyCASE is a patented, innovative iPhone wallet case.  The jimmyCASE is perfect for someone who wants to carry light but have a very protective case.  It can carry almost anything in the colorful, stretchy elastic band that wraps all of the way around the case.  Here are just few things the versatile jimmyCASE can hold: car keys, credit cards, debit cards, lip balm, and even a small packet of mints!


There are also many different colors to choose from, like pink bikini, orange and grey, orange and blue, black, and even the always fantastic rainbow color.  Not only is the jimmyCASE stylish but it is protective as well.  The silicone bumper protects the case from scratches on tables and other rough surfaces.  It also has little bumps along the bumper to make sure that the phone stays securely in your hand.

Best iPhone Case for Kids

You can buy jimmyCASE at or on our very own amazon page.  We are also sold at a few storefront locations, including a hip iphone case store on Abbot Kinney in Venice, California.

The core of the case is made from a single laser cut piece of genuine military spec mahogany, sourced from a dealer in Orange County, CA.

Our case receives many five star reviews, and has been featured on big time tech sites, such as Macworld and CNET.  With the jimmyCASE you have full access to all of the important buttons on the phone.  Even the mute button is fully exposed and easy to reach.

So if you want the best iPhone case for your even the most rambunctious kid, then look no further than the fantastic, colorful, protective, and stylish jimmyCASE iPhone wallet case.

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