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Best iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case

Forget traditional leather wallets that tend to warp and tear over time, they aren't the perfect fit for your cell phone and credit cards. JimmyCASE has found the solution and created the best iPhone 7 plus wallet case. Elastic bands neatly hold up to 6 cards and don't wear out like leather does. There are 12, vegan friendly colors to choose from to match your fun personality. Each case is crafted in the USA from genuine mahogany and features full frame protection, complete with a bumper.

iPhone 7 plus card holder

JimmyCASEs are a favorite among iPhone users because they do not stretch out, easily fit into pockets and eliminate the purse clutter. A quick search online will result in hundreds of cheap, plastic cell phone cases. The best iPhone 7 plus wallet case should be thought of as an investment. This phone case has an elastic band that easily keeps your credit cards and cash safe. The innovative design helps you travel lighter while feeling more secure. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus is a large phone that adds extra bulk to your life, this iPhone 7 wallet case for both sizes helps even out the scales.

An ultra slim design and secure wallet band provides protection to your expensive phone. Carrying a large phone and your wallet can become annoying, this durable case provides an easy solution for that. An all in one wallet and phone case is a secure way to carry all of your valuables with you, wherever you go. The JimmyCASE iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case has a slim build, lightweight design that protects your valuable phone from scrapes and bumps. The cases are unisex and there's a color scheme to fit everyone's taste. Feel secure and protected with the 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty against defects.

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