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Best iPhone 6 Plus Case Wallet

jimmyCASE iPhone 6S Plus GQ Magazine

If you are looking for the best iPhone 6 Plus case wallet, you should check out jimmyCASE, one of the 9 coolest things in the world this week according to British GQ.

Only jimmyCASE features a patented expanding elastic pocket that can hold up to six cards.  And unlike stiff plastic or leather wallet cases, jimmyCASE expands to hold bigger items too.  Cars keys, lipsticks, usb sticks, your gold pencil.  With jimmyCASE it’s like carrying an extra pocket with you wherever you go!

You’re on vacation in Cancun at a fancy hotel.  You may not be wearing too many pockets.  With jimmyCASE, you can slip your room key and credit card in your wallet case and you can go wherever you want…easy.  Your phone is with you all the time, even on vacation, why not have it carry exactly what you need?

At work, where’s your security pass?  At the movies, where’s your parking ticket?  At the car rental counter, where’s your drivers license and credit card?  Walk up to an ATM, where’s your ATM card?  At the gym, you’re already carrying your iPhone for tunes, why not pop your gym card in your jimmyCASE.  One wallet case, so many uses!

Why are you still carrying that big Costanza wallet?  Clean it out and carry just what you need with our iPhone 6 Plus wallet case.

Each jimmyCASE is made by hand when you order it.  We even offer custom cases.  You pick the fabric, bumper and wood color and we custom make it for you.  We make jimmyCASEs for all iPhone models: iPhone 6, 6 Plus (6+), iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, 5S, iPhone 5C, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S6.

So, if you have a great big iPhone 6 Plus, get the best iphone 6 plus case wallet!

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