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Best iPhone 6 Plus Case

You have your big new iPhone 6 Plus and you need the best case.  Why not take advantage of the big space on the back of the phone to carry everything you need?  With jimmyCASE, you get the best iPhone 6 Plus case and you can carry more than just your cards (credit card, ATM card, ID, security pass, business card).  The stretchy elastic pocket expands to carry bulky items like car keys, lipstick, usb sticks, card readers, etc.  Got movie tickets, valet, or parking stubs?  They’ll easily fit with any cash you wanna stash.  You can keep a twenty with you, ready at all times!


The stretchy elastic bands are custom designed for jimmyCASE to hold tight. You can stick up to 6 cards in and pull them out and the elastic bounces back every time.

Your phone is with you all the time. Why not carry the cards you always need?  

Best iPhone 6 Plus Case

And the colors!  jimmyCASE offers ten different colored elastic bands with more being added all the time.  Orange and navy blue stripe, navy blue and black stripe, rainbow stripe, pink bikini multi-stripe, navy blue and black stripe, pink and gray stripe, pink and red stripe, maroon and gold stripe, blue and gold stripe, and all black.

A protective silicone bumper wraps around the phone and provides “lay on the table” screen protection.

jimmyCASE is a genuine, made in the USA, Los Angeles, California product and each case is made by hand.  Our elastic bands are custom woven for us at a cool knitting mill near USC (University of Southern California), and our custom mahogany wood cores are laser cut and logo etched right down the road in Silver Lake.

You can buy jimmyCASE at or we are also available with two day prime shipping at

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