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Best Cell Phone Case Material

Over the years, I have bought many phone cases and the best cell phone case material by far is the jimmyCASE. The rubber bumper is slim enough to be cool, but protective enough to make me feel safe. The wood is beautiful and natural. And the elastics come in a great variety of colors – keeping my phone looking great. The elastic fabric keeps my cards strapped to my phone tight, until I need them. Then, they pop right out with a push of my thumb.

The materials harmonize so well together -- mahogany wood backing, groovy-colored elastic, and the basic black protective bumper.   And, it is made in by hand in the USA. Super cool.

Your iPhone is with you all the time. Why not have it look cool and carry what you need? You’re at a coffee shop or a bar, and you pull out something slick and unique with quality materials and hand made construction. Your friends will notice the cool functionality and unique style.

best cell phone case material

Imagine you are on vacation at an awesome resort in Hawaii. Sun, surf, warmth, and not a lot of pockets.   But you are using your phone for navigation, so everywhere you go in your rental car you are going to have your phone with you.   So, why not strap your room key, credit card and drivers license to the back of your phone with jimmyCASE?   You’ll, never have to wonder “where’s my room key?” Or “how am I going to pay for the parasail without my cash?” If your jimmyCASE is on your phone, you will be ready for everything. At the pool? jimmyCASE and your room key is right their with you, not hidden in your shoe, or slipping off the lounge chair to be lost and left behind.

Once you start putting all your important cards in your jimmyCASE, you will be set up. Slip in a little cash, maybe your car key and you will be doubly set up. Simplify and carry just the important stuff you need with jimmyCASE.

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