Best Cell Phone Case for iPhone 6

Ok. You just bought the best the latest Apple iPhone.  Now you need the best cell phone case for iPhone 6 – enter jimmyCASE.

jimmyCASE offers a slim wallet case with protection, style and the confidence of quality that comes from being handmade in the USA.


With jimmyCASE you can carry all your identification and cards with you all the time, such as your license, credit card, ATM card, etc. And it doesn’t hinder your ability to use Apple Pay! The stretchy elastic pocket expands to hold the little things you always want to carry with you. Your car keys, your lipstick, some cash, a to-do list, a pen, a pencil, an SD card, a usb drive, your work pass, metro pass, pack of gum, piece of candy – you get the idea.

Best Cell Phone Case for iPhone 6

There have been great reviews in GQ, CNET, The Chive and it has been featured in many top ten (10) and best iPhone 6 case lists.

jimmyCASE stays slim but can expand to carry exactly what you need. It is handmade here in Los Angeles, CA from premium, best quality materials, including genuine mahogany wood. You can take it with you everywhere; to work, to the gym, out on a date, on vacation. Leave your purse in the car and your old leather wallet at home. You won’t need them, because this case will simplify your life with loads of California style.

jimmyCASE is available for all iPhone models as well as the Samsung galaxy S4 and S6. It combines protection, color, style and functionality. We ship worldwide with free international shipping (with discount code), as well as free domestic shipping. We also offer a 30 day, no risk money back guarantee.

So try the best cell phone case for free with our trial and you’ll see that jimmyCASE is the best case for your iphone 6. And if you’re not happy, send it back for refund!