A jimmyCASE Wallet Case For Each Season

I just got four jimmyCASE wallet cases. It's spring right now, while I'm writing this, but I decided I wanted one for each season. A friend of mine says I'm being "whimsical," and maybe I am – but I really do want three more. Let me clarify something: I'm an art student, and I appreciate colors, materials and esthetics. So why not? They look great and they do a great job of protecting. They're the best iPhone wallet case investment you can make.

Spring: I had to get the one with the rainbow elastic. First of all, I love what it represents – diversity, inclusion and variety. It also makes a gorgeous statement about new beginnings and an open mind. Plus, you see rainbows in the spring. Looks so good against that mahogany backing.

Summer: I went with a custom iPhone wallet case on this one. I got to pick and choose the materials, and went for the lighter-colored basswood, a white bumper and the gold and blue elastic sleeve. It looks so good and bright at the beach, and it really does look like a summer outfit.

Winter: No question. Navy blue and black. Something about it looks like a sweater. And the way it looks against the wood is so bold yet classic. It goes well with grey weather. I can't explain that, other than telling you that, Yeah, I'm an art student.

Fall: I love the color of autumn leaves against pavement. So I had to get orange-and-grey stripes. Definitely an urban "autumn" theme. My jimmyCASE paints a perfect picture of my environment. Grey streets, orange leaves. Perfection.

And all year 'round, my jimmyCASE collection puts a safe hold on not just my phone, but my stuff. My lip balm, cash, keys, whatever. I have everything tucked into one useful place.

Four jimmyCASEs is a good start. We'll see what happens next year!

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