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5 Things You Should Do Before Selling Your iPhone 7

Things To Do Before You Sell You iPhone

Selling your old smart phone and getting a new one, like an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus with the best iPhone wallet case, is always exciting. This is particularly true because the advances made from year to year—or month to month—can be astounding. However, you may have wondered what to delete off your phone first. More than that, here are five important steps to follow:

  • Safeguard Your Contacts: If you value your smart phone for how it connects you so effortlessly to the important people in your personal and business life, then you’ll make sure to back up your contacts first. Can you even imagine starting to compile that list over again?
  • Back up Your Data: Contact information is one thing, but backing up all of the other data is another. Keep in mind that all of your apps and stored information links to other information. Consequently, this is heavier lifting. Check out iTunes and see how it can snapshot all of your information in a straightforward way.
  • Move Your Media: A quick, simple step you can take is to download all of your photos, videos and movies on to your home or business computer for safekeeping. Then, once you have your new phone, send the info the other way.
  • Do a Factory Reset: This is a two-step process that varies from phone to phone. However, essentially, it requires that you first encrypt your data, which prevents anyone from decrypting it. Then, you reset the phone, which totally cleanses it of any info you had on it.
  • Bring in Some Junk: This is a sure-fire way to let yourself sleep in peace. That’s because overwriting your phone with junk data means no one will ever find a shred of your information on it.

Now you have your new phone, have outfitted it with an iPhone 7 wallet case and iPhone 7 Plus card holder, and can make the absolute most out of your iPhone case.

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