5 Signs You’re Addicted To Your Phone

5 Signs You're Addicted To Your Cellphone

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You Check the Temperature on Your Phone Instead of Going Outside

Getting that first breath of air in the morning can be quite refreshing. If you would rather find out the temperature by pulling up the information on your smartphone, you might be addicted to your phone.

Your Spouse is Constantly Asking You to put Your Phone Away

Strong communication is the most important part of any relationship. If your spouse or significant other is constantly reminding you that you are on your phone, keep your head up.

You Check Your Phone When You are in the Bathroom

When you are in the bathroom, that time can be ideal for unwinding after a busy day. If you can’t stay away from your e-mail long enough to go to the bathroom, you might have a problem.

When You can’t Sleep, the Phone is the First Thing You grab

When you wake up, you have plenty of options, including brushing your teeth or making a pot of coffee. However, some people jump on their phones to check what they missed in the world when they were sleeping.

You Walk into People in Public

You’ve seen these people walking around the mall, grocery store. or even the park. The digital deadwalker is someone who walks into other people because he or she is staring at a smartphone. 

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