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5 Affordable iPhone 7 Accessories That Make Great Gifts

Gift buying can already be hard enough. Add in a recipient who loves iPhone accessories, and you may find yourself trying to look for something both awesome and affordable. The challenge is over with these five unique yet inexpensive tech gifts for iPhone 7 owners.

  1. Griffin iTrip Clip

The iPhone 7 contains more battery space because it no longer has a headphone jack. The Griffin iTrip Clip eliminates allows you to still wear your favorite headphones and listen through Bluetooth. It includes all audio controls and a microphone for hands-free use.

  1. JVC Gumy Bluetooth Headphones 

For friends or family members who would prefer to get new, wireless headphones for their iPhone 7, go with JVC Gumy Bluetooth earbuds. They are super small for easy travel but provide big sound and additional features such as a sweat-proof design and seven-hour battery life. 

  1. Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar by Belkin

Those who use the Lightning connection will benefit from this Belkin product that allows for simultaneous phone charging and audio enjoyment. Simply plug the RockStar into the phone and connect an audio device and the phone charger into the other end.

  1. Monster SuperStar HotShot Portable Speaker

If your gift recipient loves to hike or chill at the beach, then Monster’s SuperStar HotShot speaker is perfect. It’s a compact portable speaker with quality sound and can attach to a bag through an included carabiner.

  1. jimmyCASE Wallet Case

 Wallets can quickly get bulky and ruin jean pockets. Why not kill two birds with one stone and get an iPhone case that doubles as a wallet? Enter our Jimmy Case iPhone 7 card holder. It’s a mahogany case with a raised bumper and a stretchy fabric pocket in the back to hold cards, cash, and even car keys. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns for a sleek, modern look. In the unlikely event your friend isn’t happy with it, you can use our 30-day risk-free guarantee to get a full refund or contact us for other options.

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