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September 30, 2015

It's a recent Saturday and we jump in the Jimmy mobile to hit the I-5 South, finding ourselves a couple of hours later inside the friendly confines of the Prolific Athletes' training facility in Carlsbad, CA. An impressive space in itself, it's easy to understand why the people under this roof get to work with the most elite athletes on the planet. Russell Wilson has trained here, as has Serena Williams. So when you hear Prolific Athletes being thrown around in the sports world, you know you're talking big time.

Our guide is Jenna Puterbaugh, former USC Track star and current trainer-extraordinaire at Prolific. We're lucky to get the insider tour here -- there's the 60-yard turf field, sprint track, elite weight training area, athlete lounge and conference room -- but the most impressive part of the whole day might just be hanging with Jenna. 

Jenna at Prolific with her jimmyCASE. Big thanks to Roberto Wallace for the background action!  

When you sit with her, you know instantly why she's already at the top of her field. She's as focused as a trainer as she is an athlete. Success is about being methodically consistent and efficient, demanding improvement of yourself every day, no matter the obstacles. Jenna exudes that mindset, and her clients are the better for it. 

She found jimmyCASE when she was searching for an iPhone wallet case that worked for her active lifestyle and wasn't ever going to lose its stretch. We're glad she did. She uses an iPhone 6s Plus case in her USC colors, Burgundy and Gold. 

Prolific is a revolving door for top-tier athletes -- in the summertime, it's a mecca for off-season NFL players -- and you don't get here unless you've got the gift. Which is to say, you know how you help the best get even better. 

Check out the video below for a look into our trip down south: 

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