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"The Best iPhone Case" WIRED UK 2020

The Best iPhone 11 Cases You Can Buy Right Now. Wired UK, January 2020

"it's the all-round best iPhone case that we've tested...It’s tricky to find a decent wallet iPhone case, but JIMMYCASE’s range of handcrafted cases, made in Los Angeles, are genuinely among the best we’ve tested."

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"The Best iPhone Wallet Cases" brobible

This Is The Best iPhone X Wallet Case On The Market. brobible

"I genuinely believe that jimmyCASE makes the best iPhone wallet cases around. They perfected the design several years ago with the original JIMMYCASE and have continued to pump out the best iPhone wallet cases around with each new generation of iPhone."

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What is special about our Magic Elastic?

Our Magic Elastic is handcrafted for exceptional grip

We developed our Magic Elastic with hundreds of woven cords and high-performance stretchy bands to accept up to 10 cards, grip them tight, and never stretch-out. We hand-thread every cord on classic looms and steam-shrink the elastic to provide the legendary JIMMYCASE grip.

Why is JIMMYCASE wood the best?

Our wood is handcrafted for beauty and strength

Our premium Black Maple, Ebony, Teak and Oak wood are crafted just for JIMMYCASE by GL Veneer, the #1 custom wood manufacturer in the USA. Each of our wood options has a rich glowing veneer and is engineered to be slim and super-strong.


Tom Hanks with JIMMYCASE selfies

Using JIMMYCASE with Airpods, Earbuds

Using JIMMYCASE with Car Holders

Better Than iPhone Folio Case

Jenna Puterbaugh for JIMMYCASE