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How jimmyCASE Makes Your Smartphone Even Smarter

My iPhone 6s maybe the smartest thing I own. I mean, it calls, texts, works, informs and entertains. But there are some things it can't do – so here's how jimmyCASE iPhone wallet case makes your smartphone even smarter.

For starters, your iPhone can't protect itself. You might as well be holding a piece of glass. One wrong move, that sucker hits the ground; take a deep breath and get ready to pick up the shattered remains of hundreds of dollars. Slipping it into a jimmyCASE iPhone case with wallet helps keep it safe in hand, with a wraparound silicone bumper that's grippy and grabby and offers face-down protection for that pricey screen.

Also, aside from apps and info, your iPhone can't hold stuff. The jimmyCASE can. Not only will it hold your phone, it'll carry around the must-haves you're always lugging around in your overstuffed wallet, pockets and purse. Got a lot of credit cards? Slip up to six of them (hey, big spender) into the jimmyCASE's snug elastic sleeve. Getting a little chapped, you outdoorsy type? Let jimmyCASE hold onto your lip balm. Want to tune out the world (or the crazy person next to you on the bus)? Make sure your earbuds are tucked into your jimmyCASE, ready to help you isolate at a moment's notice.

The jimmyCASE even makes your iPhone look smarter. It's a gorgeous device, but doesn't stand out, not when millions of them have already been sold. Give it a jimmyCASE and it's cool, hip and stylish. The polyurethane-coated dark mahogany (or optional light basswood) backing gets dressed-up even further with the elastic splash of color(s) you want, selected from a range of stripes and solids you can see at

With free shipping, a 30-day guarantee and countless five-star reviews, the jimmyCASE is the smart choice for your iPhone 6. And who doesn't like to look smart?

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