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Does the iPhone 6 Plus Case Fit the iPhone 7 Plus?

So, you have an iPhone 6 plus and are about to upgrade to a new iPhone 7 plus. Did you remember to buy a new case for your iPhone? If you didn’t, you may want to get on that. Even though the iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 7 plus pretty much the same size, the layout of the phones are slightly different. Normally the differences are not enough to cause any major issues with using older cases, but in this instance, it’s not a good idea.

Why You Need A New iPhone 7 Plus Case
best iPhone 7 plus wallet caseThe camera is different on the new iPhone 7 plus; it’s wider. This means the older cases will affect any pictures that you take. It could also potentially scratch the lens. If you do attempt to force the case into your phone, you will notice that it will bubble out around the camera.

What happens when try to put on a pair of jeans that are two sizes too small? You might be able to get them on but they do not sit comfortably, they do not look right and after a little while, they begin to hurt. If you wear them too long, they can actually bruise your hips and pelvis.

Considering all of the money you just spent on your new iPhone 7 plus, you’re better off buying a new iPhone 7 cases from JimmyCASE. This way you can be sure your phone is properly protected. The last thing you want to do is put too much pressure on delicate areas or seams on your phone and crack it.

All of our cases are designed to meet the exact specifications of the phones they are intended to work with. That means you get a perfect fit that makes the case look as if it is a part of the phone. We have a wide selection of iPhone 7 plus wallet cases that are sure to fit your personality and style.

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